… to this website about the Anarcho Folk Festival. A unique annual folk get-together with a variable location. The 2018 edition will be in Amsterdam, which makes it the Amsterdam Anarcho Folk Fest.

You can get your tickets here!

The program is coming together nicely. We will have over 30 acts performing within a variety of genres. Check them out here. During the daytime there will be discussions, workshops and probably lots of jamming. For the youngest anarchists in our movement the kinderpret will arrange a childrens programm. The kinderpret has years of experience organising activities with the children both in and outside of the @narcho scene. So parents with young children, you dont need to look for babysitters, just bring your kids along to be brainwashed with anarchist propaganda.

We still have a lot of space for anyone who wants to organize a talk, discussion or workshop during the daytime, and we also still need people to help out during the fest. Since this is a DIY festival, we are hoping everybody will chip in doing a shift here and there. Picking up trash or doing a shift. We are specially looking for soundpeople who know about sound tech and amping a folk band. Also, we could do with more people who know first aid. Send us a mail if you’re interested!

All pictures on this site are from the last edition and by Robert Norbury & Birgit Fellinger


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