During the days a lot of different things will be going on. There will be several punk poets, theatre, workshops, info talks, you name it.

DIY bicycle repair
Everything you always wanted to ask about bike & tool selection, repairs and maintenance and likely a few things you never heard of. Hands on tech course and conversation (questions=yay!) by experienced pro bike mech & fietsfreak

Storm en Kaviaar              
Peter Storm, you might know him, amongst other things, from his critical blog ravotr or encounters on demonstrations. Joke Kaviaar, well know for her unrelenting activism and poetry will be performing her poetry together with Peter on guitar.

Radikaal Anarcho Theater!

Workshop Acrobatics
Learn some basic acrobatics skills!

Interrogation training
Dhjana will be giving a training in interrogation techniques and how to deal with being interogated when arrested

Anti fracking infotalk
Someone from England will explain whats going on around the resistance against fracking in the UK.. Room for discusion

Code Rood
Info talk on climate activism

How to make a lockon
learn how to make and safely use lockons to block and chain yourself to targets

Banjo and Finnish trad 
Workshop on banjo picking and Finnish traditional folk music

Childrens program
The little ones get to do fun stuff!

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