This year the Dutch Anarcho Folk Festival will be held at ADM Amsterdam.The ADM (Amsterdam Do it yourself Society) is the largest cultural free-haven in the Netherlands. With a community of around 125 people, this shared land ​of​ ​arts,​ ​nature ​and experimental​ ​living is​ one of ​Amsterdam’s​ ​biggest​ ​cultural assets.

Since 2015, ADM is once again under serious threat of eviction. Your support can help save this unique living experiment! Find out what you can do for them here. Despite these threats we have no worries that it will be evicted before the festival.


Directions by car

Directions by public transport:

  • Take the train or tram to Amsterdam Slotervaart.
  • Then take Connexxion bus 382 in the direction of “Ijmuiden aan zee via Westpoort”. Leave the bus at busstop “Westpoortweg”.
  • From there it is a thirty minute walk (let us know if you need someone to pick you up!). Take the Australiëhavenweg in Northern direction
  • On the roundabout go to the right, to Hornweg. At the end you will find ADM. You’ll see one of us at the entrance or you can ring the bell.

For train and bus times visit www.9292ov.nl

The full address is:

Hornweg 6, 1045 AR Amsterdam

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