The Anarcho Folk Fest is an annual event for folk musicians and folk music lovers to get together and share the music. Previous editions have been in Scotland, Amsterdam and Groningen. This year the festival will return to Amsterdam.

What there will be is a safe space to be, to camp, to talk, to party, to cook, to share, dance, to sing and to create. There will be a programme of performances, discussions and gigs, but we cannot emphasise enough that this is a DIY event. If you have ideas of something that could or should happen, please propose it. We need people to get involved and make the event happen, so feel free to contact us!

We are actively working to create a space for tolerance and respect for all. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. behaviour will be challenged and not tolerated. The intention is to create an open-minded space where we meet as equals and leave as friends.

What you will find at AAFF is a very diverse lineup of folk bands and acts. Varying from traditionals, dark and eerie music, to happy footstomping danceable folk, to poetry, puppetry, and spoken word. Besides that there will be several workshops and discussions you can partake in. If you would like to give a workshop or have an idea let us know! We cannot emphasise enough that we’d like you to get involved in this event.

This is a small not-for-profit DIY festival, with room for about 200 people. We delibirately keep the event this small to get the same good atmosphere we’ve had the previous editions.

The money from the tickets will pay for the expenses of musicians, acts, workshop presenters/facilitators, and the infastructure of the festival. No one is making money from this and we try to keep it very reasonably priced. We do want to make an effort not to exclude anyone on the basis of cost. Let us know if you’d like to come but cannot afford it. Festival-goers will be welcome to make an extra donation if they like. 




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