You can get your tickets online through stager, there you can pay with IDEAL or credit card. Do you have neither a credit card or IDEAL account, send us a mail at net. We’ll work something out.

You can get tickets in three different tarifs, people who can spare more can pay some more, people who can spare less pay some less. Solidarity and all!

Dogs: no dogs!
Sorry, our doggo friends need to stay over with a doggy sitter on this one. On the ADM lives a community with all kinds of animals free ranging the grounds, cats, residential dogs, chickens and more critters will appreciate you not bringing Bello.

€ 00,00  -Children  <14
No need to buy a ticket for you cubs, just bring ‘em along. Do send us a mail how many little ones you are bringing, so the people from the childrens program know what to expect.

€ 15,00  –One day fly 
We will sell 50 one-day-tickets per day at the door. Not in presales.
Only at the door!

€ 35,00  –Minimalist: Friday to Sunday
If you have little money, pay the bare minimum of 35,- euros, this is about a Euro per band that you are paying!

€ 45,00  –Regular: Firday to Sunday
If you can spare a bit more, pay the basic tarif of 45 euro’s, you are helping us making this fest possible! Thanks!

€ 55,00  –Supportive: Firday to Sunday
If you can spare som more, pay the supportive ticket for this fest, this way you make sure that others can get in for the minimum, and support us keeping this fest epic! Thanks!

Click here to go to the tickets

We realize that for some people this is a lot of money. On the other hand, it is not expensive. Bear in mind that for a 3 band show in most cheap venues you pay at least 10 euro’s. The bare minimum you pay here is about 1 euro per band. That is a lot of bang for your buck. The bands need money to travel around, we need money for permits and infrastrucure, we cant make it cheaper. And we really need to sell over 200 tickets to be able to cover all our costs (if we sell only minimal tickets). So please be generous when choosing a ticket! If you are really not in the situation to get enough money, send us an email.

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